08816 urgent foot care

08816 Urgent Foot Care

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Emergency foot care in 08816

In case of an emergency, you need a podiatrist you can count on. At East Brunswick Foot & Ankle Center, you will be expertly treated by Dr. Arnold Horowitz, DPM, a board certified foot and ankle specialist for all of your podiatric needs, especially 08816 urgent foot care. We are a comprehensive podiatry office and we provide excellent podiatric care to our patients in a comfortable, friendly and relaxing environment. Our state-of-the-art office is equipped with the most modern diagnostic equipment and Dr. Horowitz has the experience to treat all of your foot care needs. At our office, we specialize in routine nail care and surgery, custom foot orthotics, and diabetic foot care. In addition, when you have an injury or foot fracture, we do everything we can to treat you promptly. Many of our treatments can be accomplished through minimally invasive procedures emphasizing early return to work and sports.

One of the emergency foot care services is treatment for fractures. A stress fracture is a break in the bone which results from cumulative and/or repetitive strain to a particular site. These fractures are most commonly seen affecting the long bones or metatarsals of the foot. More specifically, they seem to involve most often, the three middle metatarsals with the second metatarsal being to most common. Pain in varying degrees is usually the chief complaint and it may or may not be accompanied by swelling and discoloration. Stress fractures are often problems because of their tendency to be missed or neglected. In most cases of metatarsal stress fractures, the actual bone break does not show on a regular x-ray for about ten days to two weeks from its onset. These fractures should be identified as soon as possible and properly managed by a specialist in 08816 urgent foot care in order to insure a good result and prevent unnecessary disability.

The leading cause of a stress fracture is that of cumulative or repetitive strain to a particular bone site. Cumulative strain to a particular site involves smaller stress loads that are repeated over a lengthy period of time. Either heavy strain for a short time period or lighter loads repeated over a longer time period can produce localized stress fractures. Usually, an x-ray taken after about ten days from the injury onset will identify the fracture site. The 08816 urgent foot care treatment is the same as any other bone break. The area involved must be protected, supported, and immobilized to some extent. Motion at the fracture site has to be controlled so as to allow proper healing to occur. In most cases, a protective fracture shoe is used to accomplish these goals. The patient should limit his or her walking and should be followed up by Dr. Horowitz to monitor the healing process.

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