East Brunswick Horizon podiatrist

East Brunswick Horizon Podiatrist

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Foot care office in East Brunswick Horizon

East Brunswick Horizon podiatrist
East Brunswick Horizon podiatrist

For all of your foot care needs, and those of your entire family, you can depend on us at East Brunswick Foot & Ankle Center. Our practice provides excellence in service, as well as making available the most advanced developments in diagnostics and treatments. Furthermore, we accept your Horizon health insurance, so you can be assured that we’re the right office to come to.

There is no other part of the body that takes the kind of daily punishment that your feet do. Not only are they put into use for everything from standing to walking to playing sports, but they are housed all day in shoes that are not always properly roomy or supportive. Our East Brunswick Horizon podiatrist will help you with common problems such as heel pain, which can be due to heel spurs or plantar fasciitis. Your toes are also prone to problems such as bunions and hammertoes, as well as ingrown nails. There isn’t one of the above named conditions that would not benefit from more comfortable footwear, especially when your goal is to prevent recurrences. Our East Brunswick Horizon podiatrist will, of course, treat the existing issue, which may respond well to orthotics (shoe inserts). Not all treatments will be that simple, but it is our priority to use the easiest method that will be effective in achieving the needed outcome. Among the other services provided here are treatment of fungal infections, which can be in the form of athlete’s foot or fungal nails, foot and ankle sprains and fractures, wound care, and sports medicine. Keep in mind that we also specialize in both pediatric and geriatric foot care, with expert focus given to the unique needs of all age groups.

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