Foot doctor near 08816

Foot Doctor near 08816

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Our foot doctor near 08816 is your specialist when it comes to treating problems like bunions and corns, among many others. Here at East Brunswick Foot & Ankle Center, we’re committed to keeping your feet healthy and free of pain so that you can do all the things you want to do without feeling hindered.

When parts of the skin on your foot, especially the top, ends, and outer part of the toes, become hard and thickened, this is what we refer to as a corn. They develop as a result of too much pressure or friction on that part of the foot; something that can come about from shoes that don’t fit properly. Other possible causes are arthritis or abnormal toe structure. Corns are not dangerous, but they are frustrating and can cause severe discomfort. Unfortunately, they are unlikely to simply go away on their own. Our foot doctor near 08816 recommends more comfortable and better-fitting footwear, but the corn may need to be removed in some instances. This should be done at our office by our podiatrist. You should never try to remove it by yourself, which would put you at risk for a serious injury. Bunions are bony protrusions that typically form at the base of your big toe. They’re caused by excessive pressure being put on the toe joint. Poor-fitting shoes once again may be the culprit, but it can also be the way you walk or from having flat feet. As with corns, if they don’t hurt, you probably won’t give it much concern. But when it does, our foot doctor near 08816 will suggest treatments like bunion pads or arch supports to redistribute the weight on your foot. Surgery is not usually required, but may be so in stubborn cases.

At our office, you will benefit from the expert and experienced care and personalized attention that we’re known for. Just call us to schedule an appointment with our podiatrist.

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