Highland Park NJ pediatric foot

Highland Park NJ Pediatric Foot

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Children may have little feet but that does not mean that they can’t have big foot problems. Actually, children have many of the same foot problems as adults plus the addition of developmental problems to their still forming feet. Our Highland Park NJ pediatric foot specialist at East Brunswick Foot & Ankle Center treats children foot problems in a friendly, stress-free environment. Common adult foot disorders that affect children include ingrown nails, plantar warts, flat feet and heel pain. However, these ailments may take on differing characteristics and may actually occur more frequently in children due to the development of their feet and their more active lifestyle.

One particular problem that our Highland Park NJ pediatric foot doctor often sees is ingrown toenails. This occurs when the nail, usually of the big toe grows into the adjacent skin. The prevalence of this condition among teenagers is due to tight fitting shoes caused by frequent and sudden growth spurts. This can cause pain as well as swelling and infection if not treated. Plantar warts are skin lesions that appear most frequently on the sole of the feet. These are caused by a virus and may resemble calluses. Plantar warts are actually more prevalent among children than adults probably because they have not developed immunities to the virus.

Heel pain and flat feet among children can be attributed to the continuing development of the feet and body structure of the growing child. Flat feet are characterized by little or no arches on the sole of the foot and if due to the changing structure of the growing foot may be outgrown without treatment. If treatment is needed our Highland Park NJ pediatric foot doctor will prescribe orthotics to help correct the condition. It is important for parents to monitor the development of their child’s feet to catch any problems before they develop into problems of the adult foot or hamper the child’s ability to walk comfortably. Look for visible signs of problems on the child’s feet and signs of uneven wear on their shoes. If your child complains or you suspect a problem make an appointment with our office.

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